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Piracha Export was established in 1983. The main Product of our company is cartons developing. We provide the highest quality products and services consistent with the customer’s needs and continue to earn the respect, confidence and good will of our customers and supplier. We are deeply committed to the development and implementation of the quality management system.
The company is already exporting Quality Products to U.A.E., Germany and U.K. We are producing Shirts for Men, Polo Shirts, Trousers, Lady's Shirts or Uppers, Lady's Trousers, Bed Sheets, Comforters and Pillow Covers in Woven or Made Ups.
We recently developed a new Project in 2016 by the name of Online Deliver Shop according the needs and demands of this global world. We are offering online delivering of Hamalia Salt, cartons, and garments through this project.

Our Online Shopping Product

Pizza Box PDQ Tray
Die-Cut Box Separators
Half-Slotted Box Full Overlap Cartons
Regular Slotted Carton Corners
Cake Box Pizza Slice Box

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